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This program is excellent for beginners and small biz entrepreneurs, generating under $20K per month with Social marketing and sales.

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Shelly Aqui: Lifestyle & Business Coach To Women

Access Coaching And Mentorship to increase clarity and get information and direction to help you speed up your success. To get the correct answers quickly, you must be in the space where the solutions exist. 

Positioned to Propel is a comprehensive, step-by-step, to-the-point, no-fluff 6-month program to help you build and market your business. This program has everything you need to build a business from 0- 6 figures. But you have to do the work. 

$5000.00 $2500.00 USD Use Code Save50

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women

Business Fundamentals

  • Develop Your Business Mindset.
  • Skillfully Navigate Entrepreneurship
  • Smash Belief Barriers.
  • Gain Managerial & leadership Skills.
  • Basic Business Framework.
  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Learn Effective time management and planning methods
  • Increase Your Business Acumen
  • Prepare Your Business Model
  • Prepare Your Business Plan
  • Implement Business Opperation
  • Building your dream team
  • Create Your Professional Posture.
  • Define Your Business USP
  • Complete Your Competitive Analisis
  • Set up Business Process Automation
  • Marketing & Sales Automation Method.
  • Create Digital Products
  • Creating Product Tiers

Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women

Branding & Marketing

  • Create your brand kit to position your brand like a pro.
  • Design Your Business and Personal Branding.
  • Optimize your social media platform for growth and sales.
  • Design your unique Lead generation Strategy & execution plan.
  • Create a Social Media Omnipresence.
  • Build your captivating product tree.
  • Master my "Post To Profits" strategy.
  • Learn how to Incorporate customer service into your marketing and retention strategy.
  • Identify and attract your ideal buyer persona.
  • Build funnels to increase business growth.
  • Effectively Post with purpose.
  • Master content creation with ease..
  • Digital Marketing Method
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy.
  • Meta Advertising Method & Strategies
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women

Launch & Revenue

  • Creating Your Sales Funnel.
  • Price your products correctly.
  • Create your Projected Profit Path
  • Implement Sales Conversion tactics.
  • Make money with or without a website.
  • Learn how to launch your products or services Successfully.
  • Skillfully make Sales through your stories.
  • Social selling: Tactfully Sell through your Direct messaging.
  • Selling through email


How to legitimize your business!

You Deserve To Experience Your Dreams.

Are you ready to invest in getting the steps, systems, strategies, and processes to build your amazing business?

Business Growth & Entrepreneurship Development

  • Entrepreneur Development.
  • Self Leadership Skills.
  • Business Structure.
  • Branding/Marketing/Promotion.
  • Products development & Pricing.
  • Lead Generation and Funnels.
  • Sales strategy and systems.
  • Tracking and Measuring.
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Shelly Aqui: Lifestyle & Business Coach To Women

Tools & Resources

  • Plug & Publish templates.
  • Workbooks.
  • Guides.
  • Checklists.
  • Cheatsheets.
  • Tools and app tutorials.
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women

Success Vault

  • Activation-Nation Video Vault.
  • Activation-Nation Private support group. i
  • Live Stream Challenge.
  • Growth Challenge
  • Engagement Challenge
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women


  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Email Coaching
  • Tele -Coaching
  • Masterclasses
  • Live Online Q&A
  • Supportive Community

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Here's What My Clients Have To Say.

Shelly Aqui: Business & Life Design Coach
Shelly Aqui: Business & Life Design Coach

"Hands down, one of the best things that has ever happened to me!
Absolutely extraordinary! Shelly offers real, applicable information. The coaches are knowledgeable and generous.

I 100% recommend Ms. Shelly as a coach! WOW! Such wisdom, such personality, such excitement.

SO MUCH INFO!" — D. Francis

Shelly Aqui is THE Possibility Coach. She's a life coach. She's a Success coach. I've worked with her, and I would let you know that she is the one that you should invest in. Investing in coaching with her is investing in yourself and investing in your business! L. Williams

Shelly Aqui: Lifestyle & Business Coach To Women
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women
Shelly Aqui: Business Coach & Consulting
Shelly Aqui: Business Coach

I always had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and pursuing my own business ventures. Coming into contact with Shelly made that dream a reality. She is very willing to provide useful resources and impactful tools to allow women to empower ourselves and pursue our dreams.

I would recommend Shelly to be your coach 100 times over!

She is an amazing woman; very encouraging and motivational, gets straight to the point, pushes you to overcome every fear, hurdle & helps you make your dream possibility.
R. Mc Kenzie

Shelly Aqui is literally the best coach you can hire! The value of her service is more than the price she charges. I have been with her for over 6 years now, from life success training to business training. She had faith in me when I did not. As a result, I launched my business, and within 6-months, the business had grown and bloomed in ways I could not have imagined.

I wouldn't have had these incredible goals and visions; I couldn't see myself reaching this far without coach Shelly's guidance. I would recommend her 100 times more again and again. D. Thomas

Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women
Shelly Aqui: Business Coach & Consulting
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women
Shelly Aqui: Business & Lifestyle Coach To Women
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Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this course for?

This program is designed for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their small business—those who are just getting started or are ready to boost sales & increase profitability.

Need more info? Book a FREE Discovery Call with us:

What's the time commitment?

This is a self-paced program. Therefore, the Time commitment is dependent on the participant's pace and consistency. With 12 months of access to the program, how much time you commit is up to you.

Am I guaranteed to make 6-figures?

That part isn't up to us! Results are based on individuals. You'll be given the tools, techniques, and support you need to build your brand, boost sales and get you well on your way to your 6-figure revenue goals.

Do you offer 1:1 Coaching?

YES! This program offers you four 20-minute 1:1 coaching sessions. However, if you need more time and attention? Click below to Book a 1-hour strategy session.

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About the Coach

Shelly-Ann Aqui is a Certified Professional Coach with over two decades of experience, a Digital Marketing Specialist, and an NPL practitioner.

She's a legacy-focused wife, mom, content creator, mentor, author, business builder, and event promoter.
Shelly is an international coach/mentor known for her infectious laughter and dynamic, inspirational, transformational, and success-centered coaching style.

She has coached thousands of people to find alignment between business success & life success while pursuing their goals. Empowering and Teaching female entrepreneurs to transform their lifestyle, overcome fears, smash belief barriers that block their success, and strategically build businesses aligned with their version of success. Shelly believes every woman should be able to reject the hustle-hard culture and embrace ease, live life by design, and flow in their purpose and prosperity. She teaches women how to take their talent, education, and expertise and monetize them through profitable businesses, 6 & 7-figure courses leveraging social media marketing, business strategies, and personal development coaching. Over the past decade, plus. She has fallen in love with delivering transformational coaching, public speaking, teaching intentional journaling and digital marketing, and hosting women's empowerment workshops, seminars, VIP Days, and masterminds that empower and tool women to achieve their goals.

"Authenticity Has No Competition"

Position Your Business To Propel Into Profitability & Impact!

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