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Hi there! I'm Shelly Aqui,
I am a legacy-focused wife and mom, mentor, author, diverse entrepreneur, business builder, and event producer. 

Im worth it! 

More About Me:

I am a certified and experienced business coach known for my infectious laughter, dynamic, inspirational, transformational, and success-centered coaching style.
My community of incredible women also benefits from and enjoys; Women's empowerment workshops, Seminars, VIP Days, and Masterminds. I host to empower, motivate and tool them to get aligned, achieve their goals, network, and collaborate.


I Am:

  • An author and content creator.
  • Executive Director and Lead Consultant for the Positioned to Propel Success Academy.
  • ​Leader of the Picture of Possibility Tribe
  • The Executive producer of the PRVM Studios and Picture of Possibility Women's Lifestyle and business conference.  

​Over my 23+ years, I've successfully helped thousands of people to pursue their goals and taught female millennials to build profitable businesses through business coaching and consulting, delivering transformational speaking and intentional lifestyle journaling sessions. 

About my work

I get the joy of helping women win by delivering proven and effective business building strategies, personal development, lead generation, digital marketing, monetization, course creation, automation coaching and consulting. 

My clients have doubled and tripled their income, built brand-new businesses, and secured six-figure contracts by implementing the tools and strategies they learn with me.

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